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Serving Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana

Glass City Engineering & Surveying, LLC. excels in working within the requirements that FEMA puts on your insurance needs. We can survey your land to see if it falls in the area of a map designated as a flood plain. If so, we can help you build your property to cut down on FEMA costs.

If you need a LOMA letter of map amendment, we can assist with the application. You won't need to worry about the ins and outs of the language to acquire the best rate, when you have us as your assistant.


Rely on surveyors who meet ALTA standards and are members of PLSO to guide you through your authorizations.

Let Us Guide You Through Your Water Rights

  • Elevation certificates

  • LOMA applications

         LOMR - Removal applications

  • Surveying your property

  • Flood plain designations

If you have to pay flood insurance, call on us to survey your land. We can provide you with an elevation certificate for your lender.

Let us assist you with your water rights:


Flood Insurance Requirements and You

LOMA Letters

What We Can Help You With

Elevation Certificates

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